House Raising

House raising on the Gold Coast may need to be done when you start to notice sticking doors, cracking plaster and soft floors, these are the early warning signs that you may have issues with house stumps that are the foundation of your home. Unfortunately many people begin their property renovations without having their floor levels and foundations checked. This can be a costly oversight as the results are additional costs.

House re-levelling, house re-stumping and house sliding should done prior to commencing all property renovations.

House Moving Gold Coast

Relocating a full house from one place to another is a major move and you should only engage experienced professionals who have a track record of successful house relocations.

Gold Coast House Raising and Restumping

Restumping involves replacing the stumps of a your home because the old (timber) ones having rotted or settled into the soil due to environmental conditions involving soil movement or moisture. Restumping will provide solid long lasting foundations for your house and also increase the value of your property.

When you raise to the level of local council height standards, your house will provide a greater storage space underneath and acquire a view that you didn’t have previously. Plus there is opportunity to build in underneath giving you extra living space and turning an old home into a completely new one—one that is much more valuable.